Belfast Besties

Belfast City Hall

From Edinburgh, it was off to Belfast...just in time to attend my dear friend Fionnuala's wedding reception.  

After a fun-filled night of celebrating, we're off to the country side to see where our happy couple lives.


Somehow I was able to talk our beautiful bride into wearing our emerald sequin top to the loch around the corner...of course Minnie had to come with us on our walk through the bog.

finn 1 sm.png
finn 2 sm.png

Time to head back to Belfast for our Bank Holiday Weekend pub crawl!

There are surprising number of outdoor pubs, even in the brisk Northern Irish weather...and they're all busy!

image1 (11).jpeg

After another awesome night out, our amazing friends offered to take us on a road trip up the Antrim Coast to see all of the beauty on the way to Giant's Causeway.

Ireland 7.png

Minnie, the Mini Schnauzer, seems to be enjoying Ballycastle as much as I am!

Ireland 8.png
Ireland 9.png

Every stop is magical in it's own way and Dunseverick Castle is no exception.

Ireland 12.png

It's Giant's Causeway!!!

Ireland 13.png

Since we're a swimwear company, we have to show a little swimwear now and then. And because we didn't bring an actual bikini model on this trip, I guess I'll have to do this myself...I apologize in advance :)

Ireland 18.png

We must have done something right to have so many sunny moments in Northern Ireland.  It was truly a magical trip!

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