Major milkbaby changes

It's been a while since our last blog and with so much that has changed since then, it's definitely time to post an update. This is the first blog of many more to come following me (Cat Thordarson), the founder and designer of milkbaby bikini. I wanted to be able to explain and also show what I'm up to this bikini season, which will not be involving designing or producing swimwear.

Milkbaby will be taking a short break from production, with the end goal to transition from custom to mass produced swimwear. The decision to make this move came after life in Las Vegas changed quickly for my husband and me, which inspired us to move to Alaska for the summer. I knew that I would have to sacrifice a bikini season for this move but I thought about it and realized it would be worth it. My reasoning was that if I worked for a season in Alaska and reinvested my earnings into milkbaby, I could start to grow the brand in the way that I have been wanting to (and without a partner in the business).

If the idea sounds a bit crazy, I would agree that it is but this will be my 4th season working in Alaska and 2nd time driving there, so I have some idea of what I'm getting into. Recently, I had been thinking that I might like to do another crazy adventure of some kind so when my husband's job changed and an opportunity for both of us to work at one of the many jewelry stores in downtown Juneau materialized, we decided to take a bold leap of faith.

The way the timing worked out, there was only a month to figure out all the details of our huge life change. One of the perks of working seasonally in Alaska is that (in many cases) housing is paid for by your employer but since we were bringing our 2 dogs, we needed to find pet-friendly accommodation. We were lucky to find the last available apartment in downtown Juneau that accepts 2 dogs.

So once we secured our apartment, we had to focus on finishing, moving out of and listing our fixer upper house for sale in Las Vegas. It was beyond a scramble to get everything done in order to leave town and start the 48 hour drive + 8 hour ferry ride to Juneau, Alaska. I can't wait to share the awesome adventure that ensued once we left Vegas, which was less than a week ago as I write this…so much has happened!

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