48 hours in Edinburgh

This wee walking adventure begins in the Royal Mile of Edinburgh, the charming medieval capital city of Scotland.

royal mile.png

What I love of about this awesome city is that it's compact and much can be seen on foot.

Royal Mile Edinburgh

Only a 15 minute walk from the Royal Mile is Holyrood Park, which includes the St Anthony's Chapel ruins.   

St Anthony's Chapel Ruins

At this elevation, you can see the whole city, including the shoreline of Leith and North Sea of Dunbar as well as the Firth of Forth, which all contribute to the unpredictable winds!

Purple Lace Up Bikini

In the distance is the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the monuments of Calton Hill, rising above the city.

View of Edinburgh

Thankfully the chapel ruins provide slight relief from the winds coming off of Duddingston Loch.

Navy Blue Lace Swimsuit

It's hard to believe that at 48 degrees F, this ended up being the nicest part of the day.

Emerald Green Sequin Swimsuit

With numb feet, the journey continued on to Calton Hill, after a quick photo of the famous Tolbooth Tavern

Tolbooth Tavern

Though hilly, the 1.6 mile walk to the top of Calton Hill is much easier than it looked from Holyrood Park.

Palace of Holyrood

If you're wondering if I walked the whole way in a sequin one-piece swimsuit...the answer is yes.

Calton Hill

With the shift in weather and increase in tourist traffic, this will have be the last swimsuit photo of the day. 

Calton Hill Monument

On the walk back down, we pass a canon that has been changing hands since before 1785-from Spain to Southeast Asia to Burma, before reaching Scotland.

Calton Hill Canon

The weather is officially too cold for this Vegas girl to strip down to a swimsuit again, so I'll wrap up this day with a shot of Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle

Back down the Royal Mile to find dinner and a Scotch tasting before we head to our next destination.  

Royal Mile Evening

All in all, it was a fun-filled, beautiful, delicious trip to Edinburgh...off to Belfast!