Road Trip to Cali Part 2

When you can get to Los Angeles from Las Vegas in less than four hours, going back to run errands seems like a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and take some cool pics.  First stop...Santa Monica!  

No matter what day of the week you visit Santa Monica Pier, there's always tons of activity and fun people watching.

I felt like this patriotic bikini matched the vibe of this Iconic American Landmark.

Well, I think we saw what we came to see...time to move on to Venice Beach!

IMG_0126 (2).JPG

Roxy looks like she wants to break some rules!

We had to take advantage of this surprisingly calm moment at the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

This place is interesting from every angle!

The dogs are loving this graffiti lookout spot!

Good boy, Kooskee!

IMG_0287 (2).JPG

It doesn't get much more SoCal than this!

After an exhausting day, the Andaz WeHo feels as good as home.

Loving the panoramic view of Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip!

Perfect day to go the rooftop pool and sport my new bikini!

Wish I could stay at the pool all day but we have to check out and drive back to Las Vegas, after we go to Runyon Canyon, of course! 

This park has such awesome views of Downtown LA, Hollywood Sign and the cool Hollywood Hills homes.

The fast paced Southern California way of life has worn all of us out in a matter of days...time to go back to the serenity of Las Vegas.