milkbaby design studio before & after

It's been hot minute since milkbaby's last blog because we've been setting up our new studio space, off the Las Vegas Strip!

To fully appreciate what it looks like now, you need to see the before and after pics.  So let the journey begin...

This was the initial tour of the space before anything was done to it.


Here are a few pics of how the space looked with the new ceiling and floors, before we changed anything.

And now for a virtual tour of the studio space, full of milkbaby awesomeness!

Our stylish lounge has fast, free wifi, so your friends have something to do when you come for a fitting.

Our current in-stock fabric options for custom swimsuits (don't worry if you don't see something you like...we can order something special for you).

We have hundreds of one-of-a-kind swimsuit samples in various styles and sizes (starting at $50/suit) + custom swimsuit options.

Can I just say that having a houndstooth print desk makes working on the computer much more enjoyable :)

Our break room also serves as a backup dressing room, so you can have a cup of tea while you try on bikinis!

A few before and after pics...








Hopefully you enjoyed your virtual tour of milkbaby bikini headquarters...we can't wait to see you for a fitting!

Please call or email us for an appointment or walk in over the weekend :)