Valley of Fire in a bikini

One of the benefits of living in Las Vegas is being close to so many awesome state and national parks.  Valley of Fire State Park is one of my faves but I've never gone in the summer...and now I think I know why.  As Nevada's oldest state park, it is rightly named, with the way it looks AND feels on a summer's day.  

Just an hour and a half drive from Las Vegas and a friendly warning from the park ranger at the gate that it would soon be 110 degrees, we were off to our first stop...

After choosing a shoot location based on how few cars were parked nearby, we hiked up to an open point and I decided to climb up a rock, barefoot.

These rocks are even hotter than they look! Being barefoot in a bikini makes the legs look longer but I'm not sure it's worth it, in this case.

If you are crazy enough to go to the Valley of Fire on a hot summer day, bring PLENTY of water because you'll go through it faster than you'd think!

Time to go back to the car to cool down before the next stop...not sure I've ever been this hot!

It's hard to find shade in this park, so you have to take advantage when you find it.

What I love about this park, is all of the different rock formations that allow you to create your own adventure and discover new spots, each time you visit.

Don't forget your grippy hiking shoes, if you want to climb over the big rocks.

If you like hiking and scrambling over rocks, you have to visit Valley of Fire...endless possibilities of trails for all skill levels!

Even though it was insanely hot, I had SO much fun on this bikini adventure!  We started to run out of water before we could make it to my favorite place at White Domes in the slot canyon so we'll have to be back soon!