Mendenhall Glacier


What I love about Juneau is that you can go see a glacier whenever the mood strikes!

Even when the air is chilly, if the sun is out, it can feel surprisingly warm…even warm enough to wear a swimsuit! After going to Mendenhall for the first time in 10 years, I noticed a change from the last visit.

I went back to old pics I took in ‘09 and compared to the ones I took in ‘19. The glacier is noticeably smaller but with the crazy heat waves and shift in weather patterns that the world has been experiencing, I’m not surprised.

The photos on the left were taken in the summer of 2009 and the ones on the right were taken a few weeks ago.

Seeing a shrinking glacier is a reminder that we should appreciate the beauty around us while we have it because we never know how long it will be around. Life has taught me this in so many ways, which continues to inspire me to see the world while I can.

Cat ThordarsonComment